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Cascading 2: Writing Sink to Database and counting data

Welcome to 2nd post on Cascading. In this post, we will see how to write cascading sink to database. We will write to MySQL in this example. If you want to know basics of cascading flow, then please visit here.... Continue Reading →


Cascading 1: Intro + Creating a Flow

Hey folks, Welcome to Cascading Tutorial. This is the first one. In this tutorial we are going to look at a simple example which will be a kind of intro to Cascading. We will define some terms and see an... Continue Reading →

Is not having Nougat for Nexus 5 a problem????Opinion from a 3 years Nexus 5 user and a long time Android user

Intro Hi guys, This is just my opinion. I have been using Nexus 5 for last 3 years and Android for more than 6 years. With Android Nougat news all over the internet and people discussing about new features, updates... Continue Reading →

How to sort objects using compareTo method and Comparable interface in Java

Hello guys, welcome to another post. In this post we are going to see how to sort our custom objects by using Comparable interface in Java. We will create a Person class and sort its objects on the basis of... Continue Reading →

How to fix OpenVPN not working in Ubuntu 16.04

So guys, I came across this error log while trying to run OpenVPN in Ubuntu 16.04. AUTH_FAILED,Google Authenticator Code must be a number I had installed OpenVPN from repo and had two factor authentication enabled. If you are getting the... Continue Reading →

How to install Java on Linux

Woowww, you are interested in Java programming and want to install it in Linux Platform??????Just follow these steps. I have used Ubuntu in my case but you can use this tutorial to install Java on other Linux distros like Fedora,... Continue Reading →

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