Is not having Nougat for Nexus 5 a problem????Opinion from a 3 years Nexus 5 user and a long time Android user


Hi guys,

This is just my opinion. I have been using Nexus 5 for last 3 years and Android for more than 6 years.

With Android Nougat news all over the internet and people discussing about new features, updates and everything about Nougat, I thought this would be the perfect time to write this article.

Every Nexus 5 owner I met is complaining about Nexus 5 not getting Nougat update and I too think it’s not a good news but still it’s not that bad either. Nexus 5 has served me well for 3 years and it still is performing great than most of its peers.

I love to run latest OS in my phone. Not only me, every Android owner will want to have the latest and greatest of Android on their phone. For the last 3 years, I have been among the lucky ones getting the latest taste of Android. I have used Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow earlier than many people out there. And all thanks to Nexus 5. But this is not the case with Nougat. Is it that bad thing????I guess it’s not.

We are using a much more mature Android since Lollipop

Android updates nowadays are not the ones we used to get during Kitkat or JellyBean era.  In those days, when Android was not matured, Google tried to perfect Android with every release. UI improvements, performance improvements, new APIs integration and everything else used to get improved hugely with every new iteration of Android. In short, Android versions on those days used to be major kind of upgrades. Not getting latest Android used to feel like living in the past. But today, we are experiencing a matured Android. Since Lollipop, I think of Android as a mature OS able to compete with others(so called great OSs’) out there.

1e4d7-636041886047146304-android-nougat-aWhat Would I Miss???

Now let’s talk what would I miss not having Nougat in my phone. First of all, I cannot boast with my friends with the software I am running. Believe me, I don’t care about it. Second are the features I would miss not running Nougat. I have used phones with Nougat and unless it a Pixel phone, I will only miss the multi-window feature.

I would rather miss Pixel features

But again, I don’t think I will use it that much either in a phone. Other major things to miss are UI and battery improvements. Various customization options available in Android won’t let me miss the new UI to a certain level and talking about battery, being a heavy user I don’t think I will benefit much from it. After all, I connect my phone to charger every now and then and I carry a power bank. Another thing is that, I don’t think Nexus 5 would see a huge battery improvement even with Nougat (with small battery and a old processor). I think I will miss Google Assistant, but hey it’s exclusive to Pixel phones(for now), isn’t it?


What I won’t Miss???

There are a lot of things, I won’t miss not having Nougat. With Google Play

Services, I will be able to use new features in most of the applications(unless they are bound to OS itself). Every application and game(that hardware supports) out there will run in my phone and developers will not stop developing for Marshmallow yet. I have even used Nova Launcher with Nougat customization and most of my friends thought I was running Nougat. I will still have access to greatest of applications, media, books and everything.

with Marshmallow I will still have a pleasant Android Experience

After all, my main use on a phone is communication, entertainment and being up-to date over Internet. I will still have all of these without Nougat. The main point I want to make is, with Marshmallow I will still have a pleasant Android Experience. After all, for most of the Android users, being able to use an android device with great performance and required content you want is all that matters. And my Nexus 5 performs great even after 3 years. Believe me, I haven’t found anything yet that won’t run on my phone(I mean supported by hardware but not available).

The Verdict

I am not unhappy about not getting Nougat for my phone but I am not happy either. Still, I have all those points discussed above to stay satisfied with Marshmallow. Phone still runs great, required content is available and Marshmallow is not outdated. But with so many custom ROMs out there, I will certainly run Nougat on my Phone some day and I look forward to it.
Guys, my phone is not dead. It’s still living a happy life. Cheers to that 🙂

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